Welcome to TyreXperts

TyreXperts provides advice and consultation in all tyre-related matters to a range of clients.

Based in Adelaide, South Australia – but operating nationally (and internationally as required), TyreXperts use their extensive experience in tyre design and development, manufacturing, failure analysis, service problem resolution, and training to provide our clients with a unique perspective on their issue at hand.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Analysis of failed tyres to determine the root cause of failure
  • Evaluation of tyre wear rates and tyre wear characteristics within vehicle fleets, and the recommendation of appropriate remedial action
  • Training of vehicle maintenance staff, tyre service technicians, field engineers and others
  • Manufacturing and marketing
  • Retread plant process control and plant management

What qualifies our TyreXperts to provide independent, impartial expertise?

  • 20+ years in a range of technical roles in the international tyre manufacturing and marketing industry, across three manufacturers
  • The provision of expertise and advice to Government bodies regarding the formulation of tyre design standards, durability standards and in-service regulations
  • Formal trade qualifications in vehicle development, maintenance and repair
  • Tertiary qualifications in Engineering and Marketing