Failed Tyre Analysis

Tyres fail for many reasons. Impact damage, overloading, underinflation and other service conditions are often contributing factors, but so (albeit less frequently) are manufacturing related issues.

The tyre industry is full of so-called “experts” who will quickly give you an opinion on why a tyre failed. There are also many materials scientists and other academics around that can talk about the materials involved. But determining the true cause of tyre failures requires years of experience; a combination of thousands of on-the-ground tyre dissections, a deep understanding of the manufacturing processes, knowledge of the interaction of the tyre with its operating environment (ie vehicles and roads) and the ability to bring all this together in a cohesive and analytical manner. It is extremely rare for this level of experience to have been gained from anywhere other than within a tyre manufacturer.

The best analyses of tyre failures not only provide substantial physical evidentiary support for the conclusion, they also indicate why the evidence precludes alternative hypotheses. At TyreXperts, we have every confidence in our ability to determine the root causes of failures in tyres of all types, including the role of the tyres – failed or not – in motor vehicle accidents.

Typical clients of this service include:

  • Insurance companies
  • Transport companies (fleet operators)
  • Tyre manufacturers
  • Retreaders
  • Police forces
  • Tyre importers, wholesalers and retailers
  • Accident Reconstructionists