To many people, tyres are simply round black rubber things that hold the vehicle off the road and need to be pressure checked occasionally. To others, they're an important performance and safety component of the vehicle that requires particular attention. To commercial users, they're an expensive but necessary item, the life of which must be maximised in order to minimise cost.

But to us at TyreXperts, tyres - of all types - are absolutely fascinating. From the way they're designed to the way they're manufactured, the materials and shapes used, the way they handle and wear, the noise they make, they way they've been maintained, they way they perform in the market in various applications - these things are our stock-in-trade.

And we love to talk about tyres. In fact, we love to talk about them so much that we've developed a range of comprehensive training packages that help others to understand some of the "black art" behind tyres, how and why they do the things they do.

Our training capabilities are very wide-ranging, but some of the areas in which we have material ready to go include:

• Basic polymer science
• Tyre dynamic behaviour
• Friction, heat generation & rolling resistance
• The interaction of load, speed & inflation
• Tyre materials and constructions
• Sidewall markings and tyre regulations
• Tyre Design Standards
• Analysing and calculating tyre wear and life
• Vehicle ride disturbance (vibration) resolution
• Tyre noise
• Tyre interaction with vehicle suspension systems
• In-field measurement of truck wheel alignment
• Scrap and damaged tyre inspection and analysis
• Retreading, repairing and regrooving
• Analysing and resolving fleet tyre problems (eg irregular wear, and others)
• Tyre manufacturing

Training can be conducted at times and places to suit your needs; some modules can be accessed on-line, but there is no substitute for the hands-on learning that involves tyre and vehicle inspections in the field.

We appreciate that different people have different tyre training requirements. If you'd like to have a chat about your specific training needs, feel free to contact us.

Here's a sneak peek of our training material.