Fleet Tyre Assessment

After wages and fuel, tyres are generally the third highest variable cost to operators of vehicle fleets. So it makes good financial sense for fleet operators to ensure they're getting the very best return on the investment they make in their tyres.

There are many factors that will contribute to the premature removal of tyres from service. Every wasted kilometre represents dollars lost, so it's important to understand the factors that are reducing the life of tyres in your fleet - and even more important to understand the solutions!

Our TyreXperts use their vast experience to:

• Inspect your fleet, and your scrap tyre pile
• Gather and analyse data on tyre wear and irregular wear conditions
• Identify the factors that are increasing your tyre wear
• Recommend practical solutions to drive down your tyre costs

Many fleet operators who have adopted so-called "Tyre Management Systems" in the past have found them of limited value. They're useful for analysing data, but they suffer from GIGO syndrome (garbage in, garbage out), and the cost associated with tracking individual tyres, collecting and entering the data often outweighs any benefits these systems may deliver. They're also quite descriptive - ie they'll tell you what happened, but not too prescriptive - ie they can't tell you why, or how to improve the situation. A bit like trying to steer your truck by looking in the rear-view mirror!

In fact, it's not necessary to track every individual tyre in the fleet to know what's going on - and how to improve things. TyreXperts has developed a straightforward (but scientifically based) sampling system that enables us to:

• Predict tyre wear life under a given set of circumstances, generally with accuracy in the vicinity of 95%, from a small number of inspections
• Identify "outliers" - the tyres in your fleet that will fall below the life expected of them - identify the causes, and provide solutions
• Recommend the optimum combination of tyre type, inflation pressure and tyre/vehicle maintenance to deliver lowest overall fleet tyre cost.

We can even train your workshop staff in the implementation of the system. So why not simplify your tyre management? Contact us to have a no-obligation chat about the specific requirements of your fleet.